Continuity and Discontinuity in the Personnel of the Higher Service in the Federal Ministry of Justice

This project focuses on personnel continuity and discontinuity in the higher service of the FMJ. The initial goal is to provide an overview of how many individuals were already active during the Nazi era and were then taken over into FMJ service after 1949. For this, the study is examining the criteria and standards which at the time were relevant in terms of hiring and appointment policy.

The initial results of the IAC study are available in the article (in German only) by Joachim Rückert, "Einige Bemerkungen über Mitläufer, Weiterläufer und andere Läufer im Bundesministerium der Justiz nach 1949," in: Die Rosenburg, edited by Manfred Görtemaker und Christoph Safferling, Göttingen 2013.