"Critical study" of the NS past in the Federal Ministry of Justice

Efforts have already begun at the FMJ to examine the NS past in this ministry. This "critical study" is in turn being scrutinised in detail to review the efforts made to do justice to the topic. In this context, the "Central Office for Legal Protection," which existed from 1950 to 1970 and was part of the Federal Ministry of Justice until 1953, when it transferred to become part of the Foreign Office, has been closely scrutinised.

Initial results of the IAC study (in German only) can be found in the article by Manfred Görtemaker, "in eigener Sache. Das BMJ und seine Beiträge zur Aufarbeitung der NS-Vergangenheit," in:  Die Rosenburg, edited by Manfred Görtemaker und Christoph Safferling, Göttingen 2013.